Welcome :)

The beginning of a new blog, the beginning of a new journey!

I have come to realise that I thrive on change, I need change in my life to feel like I am moving forward, to feel I’m growing as a person. The moment where I feel I am at a standstill I find myself slipping into a state of uncertainty, asking questions like – what am I doing? Why am I doing this? What’s the point? What is my purpose in life?
Call it an existential crisis.
Perhaps this is quite a common issue…
I think it stems from the fact that I’ve never solidly, definitively known what I’ve wanted to do or become as a child, a young teen or even now as an adult. I’m still on a journey to find out… It’s as exciting as you allow that journey to become.. One of my biggest challenges so far has been accepting that finding my life’s purpose may not happen overnight, that it’s going to require time and effort, wondering into the unknown and learning and discovering more about myself and the people and world around me. It’s a journey and balance of patience and persistence.
 My journey of discovery – one which I am sharing and documenting!
Here on this blog you will find a collection of random thoughts and things! An attempt to express myself and create a platform that may inspire others!
We all need to take risks, challenges and adventures because  “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”!
Take that step forward…This is mine…


I find that I am mostly always indecisive with a lot of things. I’m always umming and ahhing, weighing up the pros and cons, thinking about what choice I would be happy with… The lemon loaf slice or the caramel shortbread?! To go to South Korea or to stay in London?!  But I think maybe the key is to just decide anyway! Whether you figure out that it was what you wanted or didn’t want – it’s still progress… It’s still something in any direction, rather than the painful, frustrating feeling of being stuck, unable to make a decision – big or small!

So the lesson I learned today? I should have got the lemon loaf slice!!!

It was the pressure of the expecting, impatient eyes at the counter, someone standing in the queue behind me.. So I panicked and did what I always do.. Asked for someone else’s opinion. Which one should I go for? The lemon loaf slice or the caramel shortbread? She suggested Caramel shortbread and then I said ok.. but in my heart I was disappointed with her answer, I wanted her to say the lemon loaf…. but then I thought she might get annoyed at me choosing the opposite of what she just said so I went with her recommendation…

So I’ve sat down at my table, tasted the caramel shortbread and I’m not satisfied with it… How was she supposed to know that I was craving a lemon tart earlier on in the day? She didn’t have that information… but I did.. So why couldn’t I just choose for myself?

It’s in moments like this I see the importance of being self aware and knowing how you work. But instead of kicking myself about it and eating the shortcake for the sake of it.. I am going to save it for later and go get myself the lemon loaf I originally clearly wanted…

So moral of the random story is – make a decision, just keep moving forward, lessons to be learnt in everything we do! And listen to yourself! :D When you ask someone a question about what to do… what are you hoping they would say?



Hello Again Blog….

Hello Blog! I have come to realise that I usually come full circle to most of my decisions in life….Like the idea of me blogging again! :)

I’m starting to see a pattern in myself – I think of a goal, I get distracted by whatever is going on in my life or someone else’s for that matter and then poof – the goal is too far out of sight.. gone.. I look up and I’m walking around aimlessly, on a road poorly illuminated, kicking empty cans along the way [lol] until I find that goal again…but only now it’s shinier and brighter and feels more refined.

My aimless, goal-less, confused self is not so fun to be around – I see the frustration on the faces of those around me. I become static. Forever complaining, never taking the steps forward for change. Just existing. Plodding along. Being pathetic. Until it becomes too much and I am forced to grasp for air.

It is my want for better that places me in that static state when I can feel things aren’t developing me or my soul. And I am somewhat grateful for the way I react to non-challenging, non-nurturing environments or at least grateful for when I am conscious of it.

Wow at the importance of consciousness; being aware of the way we we work. Like really work. It makes the difference between the good and the great. And I want to be great.

So cheers to consciousness and intentional living!


Focus On One Challenge Until Successful!

I need to set myself a new challenge! Need to focus on accomplishing it and not give up or stop until I do…

But what’s my next challenge?

I’m thinking maybe not buy anything other than the necessities? or make time to read everyday?
Something little or something huge?

I’m open to suggestions :)


New Year!! New Adventures! – Roomba and Vegas!

So we started off 2014 with some amazing news! We won an all expenses paid trip to Vegas!! The photo taken up in the air is at the end of the trip when were flying back to the UK (almost missed the flight but let’s not talk about that!).


I realise I have disappeared from the blogging world a bit – but we had been busy planning a commercial for a competition! I always try to help out where I can with my boyfriends work purely because it’s more fun than mine (he’s a director – short films & commercials and I work in a lab), but as soon as I read the brief for this iRobot Roomba competition I was really excited about the ideas that sprung to mind! After I mentioned the story in my head, my boyfriend loved it and he put it into script form, polished it up and brought it to life!

Meet Roomba – He’s a little robot vacuum cleaner and an amazing one at that! He has a little dock station which he goes to once he’s finished his business, or when he needs to charge, you can set him on timer so he vacuums when you’ve left the house (or in our case forgetting to take it off the 1am timer when we tested it and it scaring the crap out of us in the middle of the night the next day! lol –  You live and you learn!)


Here are some stills from the day of the shoot!





The hard work planning and organising won us first place at the 2014 International CES Video Contest Awards for iRobot and the fact that it meant we’d be travelling to the states for the first time was also amazing! (We are from the UK!)


So we decided to extend our trip whilst we had the opportunity of visiting the states and spent a day and a half in Los Angeles! We did the typical Hollywood tour and spent 3/4 of a day at Universal Studios!! It was great fun!! We then met up with the MOFilm reps and other winners at LAX airport and drove to Vegas in this:


Arriving at the entrance of our hotel for 3 nights at the Aria:


We then went to see the Michael Jackson One show at the Mandalay Bay by Cirque du Soleil:


The second day in Vegas we were driving race buggies in the desert – Very loud and bumpy and a lot of hard work! really sore arms by the end, no power steering lol! It was great fun though and deffo a great experience!


A selfiiiee:


In the evening was the awards night at Aria Hotel, where an Elvis was performing! (apparently he’s not allowed to say ‘thank youuu, thank youu very much!’ – a licence thing…?!) Image

A photo of us at the awards night in Las Vegas with Colin Angle, CEO and founder of iRobot and MOFILM president, Alex Arata can be seen on th2ng’s blog here (click!)

The next day after the events night an amazing helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon was organised, cheesy grins!:


Beneath our feet:


And the Grand Canyon – breath taking!:


As you can imagine, I’ve taken a million photos, but these are just some of the highlights!  I hope you’ve enjoyed our journey through this experience!

And finally you can watch the winning commercial here <- click and I hope you enjoy!


A crazy fun start to the year, hope 2014 continues to be amazing and full of new opportunities, experiences and good, happy changes for all of us! :)


It Is Still On My Mind!


I saw this and screamed YES (in my head)!

I found an old diary the other day when I was de-cluttering (A cluttered room is a cluttered mind?! though I do believe it is actually my cluttered mind which creates the cluttered room but hey, thats not my point today).

So this old diary, I mean its old… It goes way back to my secondary school days and you see the gaps between each entry get bigger and bigger. There are many diary entries in 2003, then every other day or week in 2004, every other month in 2005 and then only one entry in 2006, 2007, miss out 2008 completely and last entry is in 2009. There was also a page ripped from the diary and placed at the back, the title ‘Read when end of college!’.

It was a page of questions, from myself then to my future self.. It reads:

Hi, this is you when age 16 (I’m 25 now wow!) What I want to have turned into is someone independent and reliable. Have I put on weight? What do I look like now? How did I do in my GCSE’s, will I regret not feeling like putting any effort into my school work or did I do fine? (I did fine :)! )

What college did I get accepted into? and what will I get for my a-levels? I hope your not concentrating on boys as much as you should be on your college work!! (Gosh, I was a sensible 16 year old haha!)  Have I started to work (yes) and am I good at saving up now? (kind of – no) Because I want you to be in a good position for university, you should be able to provide for yourself! 

Talking about university, what university have I applied for or have been accepted into? 

Plans with Mahmut and university work? (my then crush who I hadn’t met but was speaking to on MSN) or did things change? Did we meet at all and how did things go? I hope I didn’t have any bad opinions of him – looks wise because I don’t want that to matter. Did he or I change, because he seems perfect to me now.  (awww I like my 16 year old self!! And yes, he’s still perfect now, Mahmut and I finally made it offline and have been together for four and a half years)

What career am I planning on going into? Because what I want now is to just skip college, go to university with Mahmut (we didn’t end up going to the same uni, but it worked out in the end) I’ll do a psychology degree (I did chemistry with forensic investigation instead) and after that I’ll do a business course again and open up my own cafe/book/internet shop. (LOL at internet shop… showing my age)

I bet that seems really stupid to you now? – NO IT DOESN’T! I STILL WANT THAT!

It was amazing reading that the other day, realising that I’ve wanted my own cafe since all the way back then! So this quote seems fitting for this post – “If it’s still in your mind, it is worth taking the risk” 

I’m going to try bring back writing regularly in a journal, it’s very nice to document your personal growth in your own words. I can see how my thoughts and feelings have matured over the years through the pages in that diary and I guess a blog is similar to that in some ways. I’m grateful that I took the time to write a letter to my future self… I think I will write another one tonight… A letter for my future self in 5 years time… Why don’t you take 5 minutes and write your future-self a letter too.. I promise you will be thankful that you did!




Timehop, The Universe and Gratitude.

So I downloaded this app called Timehop and it basically links up with all your social networking profiles like Facebook and Twitter, your photos in your phone and it reminds you of what photos you took or posted, what your Facebook status was on this day a year ago or 2 years ago, or 5 years ago etc. So it’s like taking a trip down memory lane!

This was my notification today:


1 Year ago on November 6th at 9:41pm I wrote this status on Facebook – “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it. – Paulo Coelho” and it was such a nice reminder to see that quote this morning. (oh and then seeing the Ben&Jerry’s ice-cream vending machine didn’t quite help with curbing my cravings for ice cream today, even 4 years on :)!) Anyway, back to what I want to say… I saw it as a little message to myself, after all, this quote was worthy enough to reach the ‘Facebook status’ status and I’m so glad it did.. Looking back at where I was this time last year – I would have only just recently decided to take on my cycle challenge to Vietnam for Alzheimer’s Research UK and whilst I sat there worrying about how I was going to raise the minimum sponsorship of £4,000, a year on I am sat here feeling proud about raising over £10,000.

If  you really want something, the universe will help make it happen! I really do believe that! But I think the trouble I have is not being sure about what I really want, like really really want. But I realise that is probably down to either not asking the right questions, or not being truthful enough with myself and I guess it is part fear and limiting beliefs. (also, was that first but a limiting belief itself?!)

I’ve just taken a moment to think about all the things I have right now, these are clearly things that I would have wanted at some point in time (yet so easy to forget). It’s a great thing to take a moment, to reflect on your year, month, week and think about all the things which you are grateful for :) – take that moment now…