Timehop, The Universe and Gratitude.

So I downloaded this app called Timehop and it basically links up with all your social networking profiles like Facebook and Twitter, your photos in your phone and it reminds you of what photos you took or posted, what your Facebook status was on this day a year ago or 2 years ago, or 5 years ago etc. So it’s like taking a trip down memory lane!

This was my notification today:


1 Year ago on November 6th at 9:41pm I wrote this status on Facebook – “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it. – Paulo Coelho” and it was such a nice reminder to see that quote this morning. (oh and then seeing the Ben&Jerry’s ice-cream vending machine didn’t quite help with curbing my cravings for ice cream today, even 4 years on :)!) Anyway, back to what I want to say… I saw it as a little message to myself, after all, this quote was worthy enough to reach the ‘Facebook status’ status and I’m so glad it did.. Looking back at where I was this time last year – I would have only just recently decided to take on my cycle challenge to Vietnam for Alzheimer’s Research UK and whilst I sat there worrying about how I was going to raise the minimum sponsorship of £4,000, a year on I am sat here feeling proud about raising over £10,000.

If  you really want something, the universe will help make it happen! I really do believe that! But I think the trouble I have is not being sure about what I really want, like really really want. But I realise that is probably down to either not asking the right questions, or not being truthful enough with myself and I guess it is part fear and limiting beliefs. (also, was that first but a limiting belief itself?!)

I’ve just taken a moment to think about all the things I have right now, these are clearly things that I would have wanted at some point in time (yet so easy to forget). It’s a great thing to take a moment, to reflect on your year, month, week and think about all the things which you are grateful for :) – take that moment now…

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